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In 1970 Lila co-founded and organized "vdOMers," an international group of breeders of OM Afghan Hounds. She published their first newsletter, and in 2003 co-published vdOMers Newsletter 26 that included an introduction to the 2002 House of Oranje Valentine litter (see Pedigrees).

Janine vdOM
Janine vdOM came from Holland to America in 1967 and won her champion- ship. Puppies from her litter were the first to be registered with the "Oranje" prefix.
Janine and puppies
Oranje Drambuie and Eta Pautpit Oranje Drambuie Oranje Jenever F. Ch.
Her son, Oranje Drambuie, returned to Holland to be exhibited by Eta Pauptit and sire several European litters.
Oranje Jenever F. Ch.

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