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Wilhelmina Meisje
Jenever & Sangaree
In 1974 Eta Pauptit invited Lila to join her for a three-month tour of European Afghan breeders and dog shows. Enduring friendships with OM breeders in Germany and Holland were formed, along with a greater appreciation of the depth and soundness of the unique OM line. Lila has been an American Kennel Club judge of Afghan Hounds since 1976. She judges ten other hound breeds, and has judged in Holland, Germany, Sweden and Australia.
Multi-Ch. Ophir von Katwiga was an honored guest at House of Oranje for almost a year, and both he and Can. Ch. Wiky v.d.O.M. sired House of Oranje litters in the 1970's.
Wiky & Catrinka
Catrinka in Sweden
More of the history of the House of Oranje is being written for this web site.
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House of Oranje
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